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Stem Pro Artificial Grass For Football

Stem ProTM Football Grass

  • High availability: After a great deal of use, the ball rolls on its surface and remains resilient.
  • Better rebound performance: After a long period of use , the artificial turf fibers rebounded to an upright shape.
  • Look and feel better: Fibers retain its extraordinary appearance and feeling.
  • Brightness reduction: Reflected by scattered light.
  • Correct choice: For professional or any other types of sports venues, the quality of superior.


Stem ProTM With a “spine” in the middle of each blade, Stem ProTM  is valued for its durability. After 50,000 cycles of Lisport rolling, it does not show any signs of diverging or splitting. The surface is resilient enough to allow ball rolling naturely, give uniform traction and reduce shock to the joints and ankles.


Type:            Stem Pro Football Synthetic Turf

Fiber:            PE Monofilament with Stem  10000dtex, 12500dtex

Color:            Field green, Lemon Green, Olive Green

Pile Height: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 65mm

Gauge:           3/4inch, 5/8inch

Stitch Rate:   15, 17, 20 stitches /10cm

Density:         9450, 10080, 10500 ,  10710, 12600 stitches per sqm

Backing:        PP Fabric+ Net

Coating:         SBR Latex or PU