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Sport Artificial Grass For Tennis

Tennis Artificial Grass For Medium-slow Tennis Court

  • Excellent Sports Performance
  • Highly Wear-resistant and UV resistant


Tennis Artificial Grass is made of polyethylene  fibrillated fibers engineered to meet the special durability and performance needs of tennis.


Type:            Tennis Synthetic Turf

Fiber:            PE Fibrillated

Fiber Dtex:  4400dtex, 6000dtex, 8800dtex

Color:            Field green

Pile Height: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Gauge:           3/16inch , 5/32inch

Stitch Rate:   20~40 stitches /10cm

Density:         42000~84000 stitches per sqm

Backing:        PP Fabric+ Net or Composite PP

Coating:         SBR Latex or PU