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Prime Pro Artificial Grass For Football

Prime ProTM Artificial Grass For Football

  • “S” shape monofilament, extremely high resilience
  • High fiber dtex, excellent upright
  • Strong anti-aging property


Prime ProTM is composed of monofilament fiber in “S” shape that possesses natural sliding properties. It’s fibers achieve the best balance between upright and softness.


Type:            Prime Pro Football Synthetic Turf

Fiber:            PE Monofilament with ” S ” Shape yarn.   10000dtex, 12000dtex, 16000dtex

Color:            Field green, Lemon Green, Olive Green

Pile Height: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 65mm

Gauge:           3/4inch, 5/8inch

Stitch Rate:   15, 17, 20 stitches /10cm

Density:         9450, 10080, 10500 ,  10710, 12600 stitches per sqm

Backing:        PP Fabric+ Net

Coating:         SBR Latex or PU