Interlock Animal Husbandry Pad

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Interlock Animal Husbandry Pad

Interlock Animal Husbandry Pad is designed for easy installation and carry. It can be assembled freely according to the site .

  • Edge type: interlock ( zigzag)
  • Size- 1800*1200*13 mm


Interlock Animal Husbandry Pad is widely used in cattle, pigs and other places of cultivation.
Has the characteristics of non slip,waterproof,anti-static,cold insulation, easy cleaning,easy replacement, prevent hoof acropathy .the elasticity and the surface structure of the cow mattress has the function of massage for the cow, and can prevent the cows from standing for a long time to produce fatigue, improve the physique of the cow, and play the role of disease prevention

This product adopts recycled environmental protection material, and it will not produce any bad effects to all kinds of animals.