How To Install Artificial Grass – Artificial Turf Installation

Information provided by Greenwell Turf


Excavation and Base Construction

Remove old sod/dirt to a depth of 2″~4″. Place 2″ of 3/4″ road base over entire area, rake evenly, water thoroughly and compact with plate tamper or compactor. Place another 2″ of  ¾” road base over project area, rake evenly, water thoroughly, and compact.  Be sure there are no low spots in the area of the Artificial Grass.


Remove the old sod/dirt to a depth of 4″


Edge the area


Laying the base


Laying the Grass

Laying artificial turf over project area. Preferably keep grass fibers facing same direction (never opposite direction. 90 degrees is ok).


Applying the top sand

Recommended Installation Tools

  • Recommended Installation Tools
  • Flat Head Shovel
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Landscape Rake
  • Knife
  • Compactor or Plate tamper
  • Rake or Stiff Bristled Broom or Power Broom
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