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Artificial Grass & Rubber Flooring

 The most complete and trusted provider on the market.

Real Grass Looking

Our artificial grass ensures your lawn looks like natural.


Our synthetic turf does not release toxic and hazardous substances into the air and soil, 100% recycleable.

Extremely Durable

Our synthetic turf ensures over 8 years usage.

Stable Quality

Advanced equipment, 15 years of experience ensure our synthetic grass goes to top quality.

Competitive Price

We significantly reduced the cost to offer affordable price.

Fast Delivery

Rely on huge output capacity and the rapid response to the orders, we ensure the quickest delivery time to every corner in the world.



We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Our Products

Simply put, we thrive on making the most qualified and trusted artificial turf and rubber floorings on the market.

About Us


Professional manufacturer of artificial grass ,rubber floorings, EPDM rubber granules in China, we dedicated to providing the best products for both athletic and landscape purposes.

our products have served clients from multiple regions , including professional football clubs, schools, Gym center and countless households. With advanced technology, complete testing, specialized people and affordable price, we’ve got the trust of customers all over the world.

 Our Categories

>>> Sport Artificial Grass <<<

>>> Landscape Artificial Grass <<<

>>> Fitting Materials & Underlay <<<

>>> Colorful EPDM Rubber Granules <<<

>>> Rubber Tile <<<

>>> Rubber Flooring Rolled Sheet <<<

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